Fault Lines: The Robot Wars

An excellent 25 minute overview of the growing use of drones and robots in warfare from the Fault Lines series on Al Jazeera (broadcast on 27/12/11) The programme examines how the use of unmanned systems has developed over the past decade,… Read More ›

The magical realism of body counts

We are reposting this excellent article by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, co-editor of, examining the reporting of civilian casualties from drone strikes.  This article was first published by Al Jazeera.  Muhammad Idrees Ahmad can be contacted at  Reprinted with permission A… Read More ›

Doubling the Drones

The rise of the drone seems to know no bounds.  Just months after David Cameron’s pledge to double the UK’s Reaper drone fleet, the latest US military aircraft procurement plan shows that the Pentagon is also planning to double number of large… Read More ›

Drones everywhere

Obama: Sending Drones to Bomb Libya It’s been a busy week!  On Monday the Guardian highlighted the MoD’s  new document on the need for serious discussion on the ethics and legality of using drones (see post below), a story which… Read More ›

MoD releases 'drone porn'

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has released two videos showing attacks by British Reaper drones.    The two videos, released via youtube, shows a drone missile “neutralising” a ‘Taliban bomb factory’  and another killing someone allegedly planting an improvised explosive device.   While the… Read More ›

Yemen and Drones

Interesting report from Frank Gardner on Radio 4 focusing on Al-Qaida in Yemen but also looking at the CIA’s use of Reaper drone flying from Djibouti.  Second report in a week looking at drones on the Today programme.