Drone Wars and ‘Killer Robots’

Drone Wars UK is a founder member of the  International Stop Killer Robots coalition and the UK Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.  Armed drones are increasingly a gateway to the development of lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS). Much of the research work being undertaken in this area focuses on the development of advanced combat drones, drone swarms and machine-based processing and analysis of drone data.

In conjunction with the Stop Killer Robots Coalition, we urge the UK government and the international community to develop an international treaty on autonomous weapon systems that rejects the automation of killing and ensures meaningful human control over the use of force.

We have published a number of reports and resources on this issue.  In 2018 we published Off the Leash, a detailed report into the development of autonomous military systems in the UK, while in 2021 we released ‘None too clever? An investigation into the military applications of artificial intelligence‘ and ‘Meaning-less human control: Lessons from air defence systems for lethal autonomous weapons‘.

We continue to investigate and challenge  developments both here in the UK and globally.