Take Action: Spread the word!

Drone Wars UK produces  a range of materials on armed drones, which are all available to download on our website, or if you can help  distribute our resources, we can send you hard copies of reports and briefings which have up-to-date research and commentary.

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Engage with the media

Media work is an important way of raising the issue of drone war and the profile of our campaign. Many local newspapers will report on a protest, especially if it is distinctive or involves a photo stunt. You might also ring in to a local radio phone-in, get an article in community newsletters or websites, or write to the letters pages of local or national media.

For ideas on what to write about, you can find the latest information from Drone Wars UK on our Facebook page, Twitter profile and via our Blog.

You can search for local media outlets here: www.localmediauk.org

If you would like to find out more about how to start using the media, Campaign Against Arms Trade have a useful guide available here.