Our Work

Drone Wars UK works towards a long-term goal of an international ban on the use of armed drones. While drone warfare is often presented as a precise and risk-free solution to international security threats, there are significant dangers to global peace and security arising from their use. These include

  • lowering the threshold for the use of armed force,
  • expanding the use of targeted killing
  • transferring the cost of armed conflict from soldiers to civilians
  • ushering permanent war

Remote ‘risk free’ intervention through using armed drones is in danger of becoming not the last option, but the first. Besides the direct consequences on the ground, the normalisation of this type of response means that underlying political and social causes of conflicts go unaddressed. This in turn drastically reduces the chances of achieving just and sustainable peace and security.

See ‘The Danger of Drones’ for more details.

Recognising a ban on the use of armed drones is some distance away, our primary focus is on initiating and supporting activity designed to restrict the use of these systems (for example their use for targeted killing outside of conventional battlefields) as steps towards our goal.  Key work includes:

Drone Targeted Killing

International protest on drone targeted killing at The White House


Secrecy surrounding use of drones

Challenging UK drone secrecy at Information Tribunal

Proliferation of drones


Public Accountability

Organising national and local campaigns

Autonomy and drones

Israel and drone