2014 Review (Part Three) – On Drones: The Best of 2014

We end our three-part review of 2014 with a round-up of what we think have been the 20 best pieces of journalism, research and commentary on drones during the past twelve months.  If you think we have missed one, add a link in the comment section below.


Jan 2014 What really happened when a U.S. drone hit a Yemeni wedding convoy? Iona Craig’s forensic report on the December 2013 US drone strike
Feb 2014 The NSA’s Secret Role in the US Assassination Program Detailed investigative reporting from Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald
May 2014 Israel’s drone dealers Yotam Feldman’s film for Al Jazeera on Israel’s drone industry
Jun 2014 When drones fall from the sky Craig Whitlock’s three-part investigation into US drone crashes
Nov 2014 The Unblinking Stare Steve Coll’s long read overview of drone warfare for the New Yorker.
Nov 2014 Obama’s Deadly Informants: The Drone Spotters of Pakistan Umar Farooq & Syed Fakhar Kakakhel on the deadly life of drone informers



Jan-Nov 2014 Gaza: Life beneath the drones Tom Anderson & Therezia Cooper’s 6-part series on the impact of drones in Gaza
Apr 2014 Drone Strikes in Pakistan: Reasons to Assess Civilian Casualties US military researcher Larry Lewis investigates drone civilian casualty figures
Jun 2014 Limiting Armed Drone Proliferation Council on Foreign Relations report arguing for limits on drone exports
Jun 2014 Recommendations and Report of the Stimson Task Force on US Drone Policy Critical report on US drone operations by former senior US military/admin officials
Aug 2014 US and allied airstrikes in Iraq & Syria 2014 Chris Woods ongoing dataset of US & allied airstrikes/drone strikes in Iraq/Syria
Oct 2014 The Security Impact of Drones: Challenges and Opportunities for the UK Overview of the security impact of drones by Birmingham Policy Commission
Oct 2014 New Ways of War: Is Remote Control Warfare Effective? Digest of research conducted in first year of the Remote Control Project
Oct 2014 Only 4% of drone victims in Pakistan named as al Qaeda members The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports on the Naming the Dead project
Nov 2014 You’ll Never Die Twice Jennifer Gibson’s shocking report on the human cost of the US drone targeted killing programme in Pakistan



Jan 2014 The True Forever War Micah Zenko argues that it is technology not policy that is expanding war
June 2014 A Thin Rationale for Drone Killings NYT scathing editorial on the Obama Administration’s drone memo
Sept 2014 Drones and the Democracy Disconnect How drones exacerbate the disconnect between us and the wars we wage
Sept 2014 Why using drones is more dangerous than the government is telling you Former US military analyst on the stress of being involved in the US drone campaign
Sept 2014 Tonight with John Oliver: Drones Satirist John Oliver talks drones


…and finally, the most viewed on Drone Wars UK in 2014

Mar 2014 What’s wrong with drones? It’s not just targeted killing – examining how drones impact on global peace and security
Oct 2014 Rise of the Reapers: A brief history of drones Our take on the birth and early history of the drone wars
Jan 2014 Israel and the Drone Wars – New Briefing from Drone Wars UK The development, use and proliferation of Israeli drones
Feb 2014 British drone strikes in Afghanistan using borrowed US drones Freedom of Information request reveals UK using US drones for strikes in Afghanistan as well as UK drones
May 2014 Where are British Reaper drones heading after Afghanistan? Examining where armed British Reaper drones could be deployed post Afghanistan.
Nov 2014 Drones in Iraq and Syria: What we know and what we don’t Early analysis of US and UK drones in Iraq and Syria


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