Civilian casualties

The idiocy of drone strikes

An unnamed military source confirmed to the Washington Post yesterday that last week’s airstrike in Somalia was carried out by a US drone. While there have been previous reports of drone strikes in Somalia, as the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports, this… Read More ›

The magical realism of body counts

We are reposting this excellent article by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, co-editor of, examining the reporting of civilian casualties from drone strikes.  This article was first published by Al Jazeera.  Muhammad Idrees Ahmad can be contacted at  Reprinted with permission A… Read More ›

Drones everywhere

Obama: Sending Drones to Bomb Libya It’s been a busy week!  On Monday the Guardian highlighted the MoD’s  new document on the need for serious discussion on the ethics and legality of using drones (see post below), a story which… Read More ›