Death from the skies: 100 and still droning on

This weekend saw four CIA drone strikes in Pakistan with a death toll estimated to be around 35.   This has brought the number of drone strikes in Pakistan since Nobel Peace Prize winning President Barack Obama came to power to 100.  The Guardian reports that British Reapers have been used 97 times to launch attacks in Afghanistan since 2008.

The Guardian information comes in their reporting of the 90,000 secret US military files, released via  Wikileaks,  that detail military operations between 2004 and 2009 in Afghanistan.   The files can be downloaded from Wikileaks here.

This report details an armed strike by a Reaper drone which resulted in two Afghan children being wounded.

This report details how a Reaper continues to attack people fleeing from its inital attack.  

This report details how a Reaper was assigned to bomb 3 people believed to be planting an IED.

No doubt as people trawl through the thousands of files, more details of how drones are operating in Afghanistan will emerge.