Deaths of UK nationals in US drone strikes must be investigated

Another two British men have reportedly been killed in US drone strikes.  Ibrahim Adam (24) and Mohammed Azmir Khan (38) were said by their families to have been killed in separate drone strikes  up to three months ago.  While reports vary, the Guardian says that Ibrahim Adam was struck while riding a motorcycle and Mohammed Azimir Khan was  killed in a strike two weeks later.

Previous British victims of US drone strikes include Mohammed Azimir Khan’s younger brother, Abdul Jabbar, who  was killed in a drone strike in October last year as we reported here.  Then in December 2010 a further two other British men, named locally as Mr Stephen and Mr Dearsmith, were killed in drone strike in North Waziristan.  Rashid Rauf was reported killed in a drone strike in 2006.

Ibrahim Adam had been the subject of a control order here in the UK before fleeing in May 2007 while Mohammed Azmir Khan had his assets frozen in February 2010 as he had been ‘suspected’ (but not charged) of being involved in fundraising for terrorism.  He has since been removed from the  Treasury’s list of people and organisations subject to financial sanctions.

In total it appears that six British nationals have been killed in US drone strikes in Pakistan.  While the Foreign Office has said in the past that it was “looking into the reports” of the killings, so far none of these violent deaths have been investigated by UK authorities as they have a duty to do.  At the very least a coroner inquest should be held to uncover the circumstances surrounding these latest killings.

One thought on “Deaths of UK nationals in US drone strikes must be investigated

  • While I am saddened by the death of anyone, lets be honest here. These so called ‘British’ people were bad people, they have no problem murdering for their cause and people playing the human rights card over their demise only embolden other murderers into playing the victim card. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and finally these idiots presume (As do others) that they are defending Islam. They are not and only serve to give ‘Islam’ a bad name.

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