British drones over Afghanistan to be piloted from UK


The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced today that it is forming a second, RAF drones squadron to be based at RAF Waddington in Lincs.  RAF pilots will control the UKs armed Reaper drones that fly in Afghanistan from Waddington rather than as at present,  from US Air Force base Creech in Nevada.   The Reaper drones themselves will continue to be based in Afghanistan.

UK Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, says in the statement:

“Reaper aircraft are providing valuable support to our front-line troops in Afghanistan. We are committed to providing the best available equipment to our Armed Forces. The formation of this new Squadron follows our doubling of the Reaper capability to ten aircraft, which represents an increased investment of £135M. This extra Squadron will help us get the best out of this valuable armed reconnaissance aircraft.”

 More to follow.