Drones Week of Action 4-11 Oct 2014

Over the past couple of months we have witnessed drone strikes in at least seven countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Palestine, Yemen, Egypt and Iraq – and its likely that Syria and Libya may soon join that list. Whether such strikes are being undertaken under the umbrella of a UN resolution or carefully-crafted secret memo its becoming clearer that drones are indeed making it easier for our political leaders to opt to use lethal force rather than diplomatic or political solutions.


The Drone Campaign Network is once again organising a week of action – in conjunction with Keep Space for Peace Week – to challenge the growing use of drones. The week is an opportunity for the local peace and human rights groups to campaign together on this issue and to reach out to the public.

Local events are being organised including protests at drone bases, factories and test centres; as well as street stalls and public meetings.

For the first time this year a Global Day of Action has been called for Saturday 4 October to coincide with the Week. As part of this campaigners in the UK will gather at ‘RAF’ Croughton – a US base – near Oxfordshire that is plugged into the drone wars via a direct data link to the US drone base in Djibouti (click leaflet right for more details).

The Drones Campaign Network has also launched a petition to stop British drones being deployed to the Middle East or Africa as we approach the end of combat operations in Afghanistan. You can sign the online petition here and/or download a copy here in order to collect signatures locally. If you can organised something in your area we are happy to provide resources including campaign pack, briefings, street theatre script and leaflets. We can also provide speakers for public meetings. For more information see Drone Campaign Network or contact info[at]dronecampaignnetwork.org.uk

Do come along on October 4 to RAF Croughton to help Ground the Drones or help organise something locally in your area.


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  1. ….am I too late? On October 4th 12pm Drone Network Cymru will be flying Kites at Poppit Sands near St Dogmaels – in a symbolic ‘Stop the Drones’ Demonstration t: +44 (0)1239 85 11 88 07810 566 919 jx

    Jill Gough Ysgrifennyddes Genedlaethol National Secretary CND Cymru heddwch@cndcymru.org http://www.cndcymru.org http://www.facebook.com/cndcymru



  1. Ban Weaponized Drones: International Day of Action on October 4th | PopularResistance.Org
  2. PRESSESCHAU (vom 7.10.14): Globaler Aktionstag gegen Kampf- und Überwachungsdrohnen, Oktober 2014 | Antidrohnen Kampagne

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