Photo essay: Ground the Drones demo


“Every Afghan has a name, war is not a video game!”

Six hundred people came from all around the country to take part in a large demonstration against drones at RAF Waddington, the new home of the UK drone warfare.    The demo, organised by the Drone Campaign Network, Stop the War Coalition, CND and War on Want received huge media coverage in the light of the confirmation by the Ministry of Defence that drone operations had started from RAF Waddington. After the march from Lincoln, a rally was held at Helen John’s peace camp at the perimeter of the base, and speaker after speaker emphasised that this was just the beginning of efforts to stop the drone wars.

Click this link for excellent short Channel Four video covering the demo and issues surrounding use of drones

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A drone a day…
Spill no blood
Hands up if you’re against drones?
Video games wars
Drones kill innocents
Campaigners from Cardiff with Helen John
Campaigners from Cardiff with Helen John
Buddhist from Milton Keynes Peace pagoda
Killing should not be easy
Placards left on RAF Waddington’s perimeter fence

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