Website Makeover

website-imageTo celebrate our 200th post we have given the Drone Wars UK website a bit of a brush-up.   Most obviously we have changed the appearance of the site, but there have also been some less obvious changes.  Now all posts relating to a particular category can be seen on one page (for example see page about  ‘British Reaper drones’ here).  Our  key categories are in the left hand column on the front page with the most recent post underneath each entry.

 We have also added to the site a library of key documents and important articles.  We hope this will be a key resource for researchers and campaigners and that the library will grow over the coming months and years.   If you think we have missed a key document please do let us know

 Finally, as an experiment , we have added a small ‘video vault’.    We will monitor how often the videos are viewed and if it proves a popular section visitors we will expand in the future.

 If you feel able to send a donation towards our work we’d be very grateful.  You can donate via Paypal at the bottom of the page or simply send a cheque payable to ‘Drone Wars UK’ to our office.

 Thanks as always for your support.  Chris.

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