Protest the Drone Wars – London 16th November

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This week a US drone strike in Pakistan killed two boys aged 12 and 16.  The pair were cousins and the oldest, Tariq Khan, had  just four days previously taken part in a protest against the drone strikes in Islamabad.

Also this week, a few thousand miles away in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, incredibly brave people took to the streets demanding the removal of  President Saleh and the ending of drone strikes, while on the other side the world, in New York state, 38 protestors went on trial for blockading a US drone base.

Here in the UK, Drone Wars UK and the CAAT Universities Network are organisng a protest outside the two-day ‘UAV Conference 2011’ to be held in centra London on 16-17th November.

 At the ‘UAV Conference 2011’ participants will receive first-hand updates on drone operations in Afghanistan and Libya from senior military officers, discuss development of future drones and debate (quote!) “How can we stop the public hysteria surrounding UAV operations in the 21st Century?”

Join the protest outside the UAV conference 2011 (Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London, W8 5SR – nearest tube High Street, Kensington) – see map here.  Noon – 2pm on Wednesday 16th November organised by CAAT Universities Network and Drone Wars UK.  For more details  contact  or

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  • Drones protest London – Nov 16th

    A knowledgable Chris Cole from is regularly engaged as a speaker against the Drones.

    Here, he along with others protest at an annual meeting taking place for the proliferation of Drones.

    A Lady from Pakistan also speaks up about the use of Drones against Pakistanis

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