Ground the Drones Week of Action

As part of the global ‘Keep Space for Peace’, Ground the Drones Week of Action is happening this week. Protests, public meetings, street stalls and vigils are being held to raise awareness and resist the growing use of drones. A more in-depth report will follow later but here are a few photos and links as they come in….



 Vigil held outside Paradigm Secure Communications operations centre in Hawthorn  Wiltshire.  paradigm operates the Skynet satellite system on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, through which British Reaper drones are controlled.






Lively protest outside Thales factory in Leicester where the new joint UK-Israeli drone ‘Watchkeeper’ is being built.

See local newspaper report here.





Peace vigil outside Schriever Air Force Base, east of Colorado Springs. See report here







A protest took place outside a Raytheon factory in Arizona in which one person was arrested.  Read report here


General media coverage this week:

The Friend:  ‘Playstation Warfare’  Symon Hill investigates drone warfare.

The New Left Project:  Opposing the rise of the drones

The Independent: Andreas Whittam Smith:  Death by drone is swift and efficient – its also murder




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