A Week of Action to Ground the Drones

1-8 October 2011

The Drones Campaign Network in the UK is calling for a week of action to protest the growing use of armed drones from 1st – 8th October.  The week will be part of the international ‘Keep Space for Peace Week’, which this year is focusing on the use of drones.

Recently, Libya has been added to the list of countries subjected to  drone strikes by US and British forces, joining Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and  Iraq.  Gaza, too it hardly needs to be said, has regularly faced drone strikes by Israeli forces.  Unfortunately, the list of countries facing these kind of remote attacks is only likely to grow as US military procurement plans,  released in June show that the Pentagon is planning to double its arsenal of large military drones over the next decade.   The UK has also announced plans to double the number of armed drones in its arsenal.

Protests against drone strikes are growing in Pakistan and Yemen and the peace and human rights community in the UK needs to add their voices to this call to Ground the Drones

Members of the network will be organising protests at various sites connected to the drone wars throughout the UK.  Details will be announced nearer the time.

However if you can’t attend one of these events you may well want to organise something in your local area.  Suggestions include meeting with your local MP, organising a speaker meeting about drones or having a stall in your local high street with information and letter/petition signing.

Further details and resources will be available here as we get closer to the event.

Please put the dates in your diary NOW and begin thinking about what you can do locally to Ground the Drones

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