Now We Are One: A Few Stats

1                 Drone Wars UK blog is one year old today
14               People visited looking for information about the Creech 14
64               UAV crashes reported in our Drone Crash Database
100             Posts:  This is number one hundred 
146             Number of visitors yesterday
703             Number of copies of ‘Convenient Killing’ report downloaded in the year
1,014          Most popular post: UK Drones Firing Thermobaric Weapons?
3,182          Visitors on our busiest day (blog was mentioned in BBC News article)
36, 435       Total visitors to the site in the first year

Phew!  Would be great to have any feedback or your thoughts on the site or the work generally.  Just leave a comment below

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4 replies

  1. Thanks for keeping this important work going: it really is appreciated!

  2. Hi Chris,

    I read most of the posts, though I suppose it doesn’t show up in the stats, because I read them on the subscription notice I get by email. So add some more numbers to your total!!

    Curiously, Watchkeeper hasn’t been mentioned much on the internet for a long time. What’s holding it up? Technology glitches? I think Watchkeeper may be a big boondoogle, as it seems a little like outdated technology to me, in this rapidly changing field, and really not essential to their plans in any sense. If it doesn’t meet their needs, and if it they can’t export it, it would appear to be an incredible waste of money, by any standards.

    Will have more time soon, and will be in touch

  3. Congratulations with one year of very appreciated effors. I often use and recomment this blog as a reliable source with up-to-date information.

    Wendela de Vries
    Campagne tegen Wapenhandel

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