MoD drone FoI refusal upheld

The Information Commissioner has recently upheld the MoD’s refusal to release details of the circumstances of British drone strikes in response to my November 2009 Freedom of Information  request.  The ruling is here.

In summary,  the MoD’s argument is that they cannot release the information that they hold on drone strikes as it contains details that would be useful to the enemy .  My argument is that the level of details in the information that the MoD holds could be reduced by redaction or by summarising that information,  so that it falls below the threshold of being ‘useful to the enemy’ but can satisfy the weighty public interest in the use of armed drones in Afghanistan.  The MoD’s position, which the information commissioner implicitly upholds, seems to be that ether all of the information should be released or none.   

We will continue to pursue information on the use of armed drones by the MoD.

2 thoughts on “MoD drone FoI refusal upheld

  • June 25th joined protest against drone testing on Mynydd Epynt with 100 others – is this a first?
    Story in Brecon and Radnor Express 23rd and 30th June. Have writtent to Roger Williams MP and Kirsty williams AM Brecon.
    Underst6and Watchkeeper testing in Aberporth Epynt corridor and targetted at Army ‘Killing Village’ on Epynt – also visited and put names of victims on gravestones of fake church – a surreal place. Pleaes keep me informed as I would like to join actions.
    Tony Simpson

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