Drone Protest in Washington

Copyright: CODEPINK

On the 9th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan, activists from Foreign Policy in Focus, CODEPINK, and Pax Christi joined together to perform “Mock Drone Attacks” in Washington DC. Commuters were surprised at Dupont Circle, Union Station, and the Capital as the sound of a drone blasted from a boombox and performers froze in place before collapsing to the ground with screams.

Accompanying this visualization of a mock drone attack, flyers were dispersed to give bystanders narratives of actual civilians killed by drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as basic information about drones. The action closed by everyone returning to their feet and chanting what appeared on a banner: End the Afghan War, Stop Drone Attacks! These actions were part of the International Days of Action to End the Afghanistan War–October 7-10, 2010.

More photos of the action can be seen here.

Pax Christi have produced a ‘how to’ guide for doing  ‘mock drone attack’ street theatre and also a flyer to handout to passers-by.


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2 replies

  1. Great theater. I love the way people walked past the young woman lying on the ground. It kind of shows how thick are the skins this theater attempts to penetrate.

  2. Give us all playstation type of controlls and we can all fly around and kill who we want–this is the tin of worms drone warfare has opened up–just wait till the first terrorist gets his hands on one–will be able to take out our guys at will without any warning even take out the president.

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