One Week to Drone Wars Conference

 Next Saturday,  18th September, peace campaigners, researchers and the public will come together in central London to examine the growing phenomenon of drone wars.  The conference, organised by the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FoR) will take place at the University of London Union and will include speakers, workshops and a chance to network with other campaigners.   Click here to for more details and booking form.  

Meanwhile a second report into a NATO attack in Afghanistan which killed 23 civilians has again faulted drone operators for playing down the presence of children in the convoy.  According to the New York Times, the investigation, this time by the US Air Force, found that the drone pilot “had a strong desire to find weapons,” and this “colored — both consciously and unconsciously — his reporting of weapons and children.” 

The ‘playstation mentality’ of drone operators is one of the serious concerns that the peace movement has in relation to drone strikes and will b be examined in more depth at the September 18th Drone Wars conference.

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