Drone boats and bombs

The Daily Mail has reported that British military special forces have trialled the Silver Marlin, an Israeli-built drone boat.  The trials, watched by Special Boat Service and civil servants took place recently in the Middle East.    According to the report, the Silver Marlin, built by Elbit:

can be used for electronic warfare and mine clearance. Coated in bullet-resistant Kevlar and equipped with radar, it has a 7.62mm calibre weapon system with laser aiming, range finder and target illuminator and can carry missiles. With a maximum speed of 45 knots, the drone can operate for 24 hours over a distance of 500 miles. It carries a TV camera to send back images of its missions and has sensors to detect small boats or obstructions up to four miles away.

Meanwhile another CIA drone strike has  left five dead in North Waziristan – the third CIA strike in Pakistan in a week.

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