British parliamentarians condemn US drone strikes as its revealed that RAF pilots controlled US drones over Libya

NATO airstrike between Benghazi and Ajdabiyah

On the day that 12 British parliamentarians wrote a joint letter to The Times calling on President Obama to stop drone strikes in Pakistan, it has been revealed that RAF pilots flew US drones during the Libyan conflict last year.

The UK has repeatedly insisted, in response to questions about UK involvement in the US drone strikes in Pakistan for example, that it has only every operated drones over Afghanistan.  However in a written answer in the House of Lords, on the last day before recess, UK Defence Minister Lord Astor revealed: Read more

Two More Britons Killed by US Drone Attack in Pakistan

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that two British citizens have been killed in a US drone attack in North Waziristan.  The drone attack took place on Friday December 10th when local Pakistani media reported that US drones fired four Hellfire missiles at a vehicle and compound near Datta Khel.  

If reports are correct – and the British Foreign Office are saying at this stage that they are investigating the reports  – it will be the second time in three months that British citizens have been killed in US drone strikes in Pakistan.  In October, as we reported at the time, Abdul Jabbar a British citizen reportedly from Birmingham, was killed in Waziristan.    

No doubt there will be more on this story soon.