Drone base invasion steps up pressure on those attempting to maintain secrecy

The Waddington Six: (from left) Revd Keith Hebden, Chris Cole, Fr Martin Newell, Penny Walker, Susan Clarkson and Henrietta Cullinan.
The Waddington Six: (from left) Revd Keith Hebden, Chris Cole, Fr Martin Newell, Penny Walker, Susan Clarkson and Henrietta Cullinan.

Six anti-drone protesters (myself included) were arrested inside RAF Waddington on Monday (June 3). The protest had three aims; 1) to symbolically breach the secrecy and silence surrounding the British use of armed drones; 2) to bring information about the impact of airstrikes on Afghan civilians  and 3) to symbolically begin conversion of the air base to peaceful purposes.   We did this by creating a peace garden within the base, displaying information on buildings, hangars and sign posts about the impact of airstrikes on Afghan civilians (see bottom of post)  and trying to find out information about the day-to-day use of drones at Waddington.

We were in the base for over an hour before being detained and arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.  After being held on the base for some time we were driven off the site and saw large queues of traffic.  Our presence had meant  the base was  ‘locked down’ with all activity coming to a halt and no one was allowed to enter or exit the base.

We were detained by the police for over two hours before being processed.  At this point we were told that we were being held incommunicado and not allowed a phone call to inform anyone of our  arrests or to contact a solicitor.  Unbeknown to us permission was being sort to gain entry to our houses in order to seize computers, mobile phones, diaries, and documents.  In the afternoon we were each interviewed  and told that we would be released and bailed pending further enquiries.  By 10pm however it was becoming clear that we would be held overnight.

At 2am we were each awoken to be told we were being charged with aggravated trespass and conspiracy to commit criminal damage.   These are both serious charges with the conspiracy charge meaning a trial in crown court rather than a magistrates court.  In addition I was told there was a warrant for my arrest for non-payment of fines relating to a previous acts of civil disobedience.

peace garden 3Next morning we were taken to court only to be informed that these more serious charges had been suddenly and mysterious withdrawn and we were instead to be charged with ‘simple’ criminal damage to a fence.  We all pleaded not guilty intending to argue that our actions were justified given the circumstances.  An interim hearing will be held on July 4 and a trial will take place later in the year.  We were given bail on condition that we did not re-enter Lincolnshire except to attend court hearings.

I was then held overnight again before being driven to Camberwell Magistrates Court in London.  At first the court refused to accept me as they knew nothing about any warrant.  However eventually I was brought before a magistrate who wiped the outstanding fines and court costs due to ‘time served’, given time to pay the remaining balance, and released.

The extreme reaction to our presence at RAF Waddington with the laying of very serious charges only for a complete and sudden reversal within hours betrays, I believe,  the nervousness felt by those in charge of UK drone operations.

Behind the scenes it appears that the powers that be now appear to questioning whether or not to maintain the  ‘just say nothing’ tactic as it is perceived as no longer working, with a growing chorus of MPs, Peers, journalists, lawyers and activists demanding answers and information about the use of armed drones.  Those maintaining the secrecy around the use of drone  are coming under increasing pressure  – and the message from us all is that it will only increase.

Below is the information that was posted around the base.  It is a representative sample of ten airstrikes over the past five years that have killed and injured civilians in Afghanistan. Click images for more info.


6 thoughts on “Drone base invasion steps up pressure on those attempting to maintain secrecy

  • Congratulations Chris, and others, on an successful action to expose drone secrecy!

  • Total respect to those bringing attention to these atrocities and crimes against human kind. Thank you so much for your efforts in making the world a better place. One day I hope everyone will listen properly. Heartfelt gratitude to you all.

  • Lock them up, it’s a military base. I don’t know what people expect when they try to gain access to these places. If you don’t like drones, then go to the states….not waddington and see how the USAF deals with people on military camps. You won’t be whining about being held without a phone call for a couple of hours. Has anyone on this website actually been to any of the places that the strikes are carried out in? I’d rather a drone took out someone (and yes god forbid, civilian casualties are a fact of life, it will happen, and its mitigated against as best they can), rather than waiting for our troops to roll over the IED they just placed….get some perspective people. These people who we are targeting are the type of people responsible for 7/7, 9/11 and all the other middle eastern terror plots.

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