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A-Z of Drones 2015 – Part Three

Documents released by Edward Snowden brought fresh questions about GCHQ involvement in US drone strikes outside conflict zones.  MPs took the unusual step of writing to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, suggesting  it was time “to consider and issue… Read More ›

A-Z of Drones 2015 – Part Two

Reported Israeli drone strikes in Syria and Sudan received scant attention as Israel simply refuse to acknowledge such operations.  India abandoned development of its indigenous Nishant drone and turned its sights on procuring armed drones from Israel while Italy received… Read More ›

A-Z of Drones 2015 – Part One

  Despite the end of NATO combat operations in December 2014, US drones continued to launch strikes in Afghanistan throughout 2015 as part of its (ahem) non-combat mission. British drones departed Afghanistan for the Middle-East with Adrian Chiles giving us an inside… Read More ›

What’s wrong with drones?

[Updated in October 2015] Preamble: Are drones different? While some insist that armed unmanned drones are effectively no different from other military aircraft, there are two important differences.  Firstly they can be operated remotely over very great distances via satellite… Read More ›

A-Z of Drones 2013 – Part Three

QinetiQ announced this year they are  working to develop Llanbedr Airfield (near Snowden) as a new drone operating centre linked with Parc Aberporth (and it’s always important to remember QinetiQ’s shady origins).  In December the US renewed an agreement with Qatar to host the… Read More ›