Drone Wars Library

library-shelvesThe Drone Wars Library consists of key documents and important articles on the use of drones divided into various categories. If you think we have missed an important link, please do let us know.

(Last updated Oct 2014)

| Autonomy | Civil use of drones | Civilian casualties |
Drone pilots | Ethical issues | General overview
| Israel and drones | Proliferation | Targeted Killing and Legal Issues | UK drone operations | US drone operations |

8 replies

  1. Hi,
    Please note also this article I wrote in October 2010.


    Best regards


  2. Good work! I looked at your excellent website when i saw a reference to it in today’s Guardian. I noticed in your article as regards the proliferation of drones that Israel has sold drones to Canada (and 12 other countries). Do you have any more information as regards the Canadian drones please?

  3. Im not sure I understand whats bad about drones, war is war !
    I would rather a drone with no humans on board than one with?

  4. I am working on a project involving Japan’s view on drones and I was curious if you have any information on Japan’s involvement with drones?

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