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 US Drone Operations

The US first deployed armed drones in the weeks after 9/11 and have launched drones strikes in at least seven countries – Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and Libya and Syria. As well as US military operations, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) also operate drones most controversially for targeted strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.



Key documents and articles

Jun 2014 Recommendations and Report of the Stimson Task Force on US Drone Policy Critical report on US drone operations by former senior US military and administration officials.
June 2014 When drones fall from the sky Major investigation into US military drone crashes by Washington Post
Feb 2014 The NSA’s Secret Role in the U.S. Assassination Program The Intercept reveals NSA’s role in use of metadata to target US drone strikes
Jan 2014 What really happened when a U.S. drone hit a Yemeni wedding convoy? Investigation into Dec 2013 US drone strike that killed civilians
Dec 2013 DoD Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap 2013 – 2038 Pentagon updates US military drone roadmap.
Oct 2013 Will I be next?  US Drone Strikes in   Pakistan Amnesty International report
Oct 2013 Between a drone and Al-Qaeda:   The Civilian Cost of US Targeted Killings in Yemen Human Rights Watch   report
Oct 2013 Secret memos reveal explicit   nature of U.S., Pakistan agreement on drones Excerpts of US reports to Pakistan on US drone strikes
May   2013 Policy   on drone strike authorization doesn’t need to change, Defense official says Washington   Post report on Pentagon offical testimony at Senate Armed Services Committee
May   2013 Obama’s Speech on Drone Policy President   Obama gives major policy speech on drones and counterterrorism
March   2013 Erased   US data shows 1 in 4 missiles in Afghan airstrikes now fired by drone Analysis   by TBIJ shows that drones are firing nearly a quarter of all air-launched   missiles in Afghanistan
March   2013 Out of Sight, Out of Mind Stunning   visualization of US drone strikes in Pakistan
Jan   2013 Reforming   U.S. Drone Strike Policies Council   on Foreign Relations briefing on US use of drones with recommendations for   reform
Dec   2012 Revealed:   US and Britain launched 1,200 drone strikes in recent wars Analysis   of US and UK drone strikes in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq
Sept   2012 Living   Under Drones Death, Injury, and Trauma to Civilians From US Drone Practices   in Pakistan Analysis   from Stamford and New York University Law Schools of the US drone campaign in   Pakistan
Sep   2012 The   Civilian Impact of Drone Strikes: Unexamined Costs, Unanswered Questions A   study of the impact of the US covert drone on civilians in Pakistan
Aug   2012 Hidden   History: America’s Secret Drone War in Africa Examining   US use of drones in Africa
Apr   2012 The   Rise of the Killer Drones: How America Goes to War in Secret Good   overview of US use of armed drones
Jan   2012 US Unmanned   Aerial Systems Congressional   Research Service Report looks at development and future use of drones

Further Information:

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism on US Covert Drone War

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