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proliferationDrone Proliferation

The proliferation of drones is a growing area of concern and deserves greater attention.  The main international agreement controlling the proliferation of drones, the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), is coming under pressure from those who see it as a hindrance to the development of the drone industry.  With a growing number of countries eager to acquire drones and drone technology, the need for global controls to stop the spread of drones has perhaps never been more urgent.


Key documents and articles

July 2014 UAV Firms Seek Easier Exports Defence companies lobby for easing of export controls on drones
June 2014 Limiting Armed Drone Proliferation Council on Foreign Relations report arguing for limits on drone exports
Mar 2014 The Next Drone Wars: Preparing for Proliferation Arguing for action now to prevent the danger of drone proliferation
Feb 2014 Eurodrones Inc. The economi/ poli­tical support given to the drone industry by the EU.
Sep 2013: Remote control war: Unmanned combat air vehicles in China, India, Iran, Israel, Russia and Turkey Examination of the drone inventory six countries
June 2013 Israel leads global drone exports as demand grows Associated Press looks at Israel’s drone exports
Feb 2013 Drone manufacturers target rising Gulf Arab demand Reuters looks at how drones are being marketed to the Gulf states
Jan 2013 The Weaponisation of Future Unmanned Aerial Vehicles RUSI article looking at various weapons programme for drones
Jul 2012 Nonproliferation: improve monitoring of UAV exports US GAO analysis of growing proliferation of drones

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