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Israeli-airstrikeIsrael and drones

In many ways Israel has led the way in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in conflict, with its development and use of military UAVs going back at least four decades.  Israel also has a claim to be the major player in global drone proliferation with about fifty countries (out of the more than seventy known to have some form of military UAV capability) having received drones or drone technology transfers from Israel.


Key documents and articles

Sept 2014 Gaza life beneath drones Four part series on how Israeli drones impact on life in Gaza.
Aug 2014 Did an Israeli drone strike militants in Egypt? Investigation into Israeli drone strike in Egypt
May 2014 Israel’s drone dealers Al Jazeera film by Yotam Feldman looking at exports & use in Gaza
Feb 2014 Sleepless in Gaza: Israeli drone war on the Gaza Strip Report on Israeli drone use by Dr. Atef Abu Saif of Al-Azhar University.
Jan 2014 Israel and the Drone Wars Briefing from Drone Wars UK on Israel and the drone wars
Dec 2013 Killer Drones: UK Complicity in Israeli’s crimes against Palestinian people War on Want report on Israeli drones
Nov 2013 Gaza: Life and death under Israel’s drones Al Jazeera report on impact of Israeli drone use in Gaza
Jul 2013 Israeli industry pursues unmanned systems network How Israel is developing multiple types of drones
June 2013 Israel leads global drone exports as demand grows Associated Press looks at Israel’s drone exports
Dec 2011 Buzz of Israel’s drones resonates throughout region Reuters article on Israeli drones
Jun 2009 Precisely Wrong: Gaza Civilians Killed by Israeli Drone-Launched Missiles Human Rights Watch Briefing


Further information:

Drone Wars UK posts tagged Israel and drones
Drone Wars Report:  Israel and the Drone Wars


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