Drone Wars Library – General overview

| Autonomy | Civil use of drones | Civilian casualties | Drone pilots | Ethical issues | General overview |
| Israel and drones | Proliferation | Targeted Killing and Legal Issues | UK drone operations | US drone operations |

General overview

 Key articles and documents giving a good overview of drone warfare.





 Key documents and articles

Oct 2014 The Security Impact of Drones: Challenges and Opportunities for the UK Overview of the security impact of military and civilian drones by Birmingham Policy Commission
Oct 2014 New Ways of War: Is Remote Control Warfare Effective? Digest of research commissioned by the Remote Control Project
Oct 2014 Rise of the Reapers: A Brief History of Drones A brief history of drones
July 2014 Global opposition to U.S. drone strikes grows Analysis of Pew Research Center poll on US drone strikes
Mar 2014 What’s wrong with drones? The concerns with the growing use of armed drones by Drone Wars UK
June 2013 War on Demand: The Global Rise of Drones by Media Benjamin Briefing by Medea Benjamin on drones
Jan 2013 Rise of the Drones Time magazine special on drones
Dec 2012 Normalising death: The business of drones Examination of the drone industry
Dec 2012 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones): an introduction UK parliament background briefing on drones
Apr 2012 The Rise of the Killer Drones: How America Goes to War in Secret Good overview of US use of armed drones
Feb 2012 The Menace of Present & Future Drone Warfare Richard Falk setting the drone wars in historical and political context.
Jan 2012 License to Kill: How Drones are changing warfare Excellent summary of the issues from David Cortright of Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
Jan 2012 The Drone Wars Briefing 2012 Overview of use of drones
Aug 2011 Seductive Drones: Learning from a Decade of Lethal Operations Mary Ellen O’Connell analyses ten years of drone operations from a legal perspective
Sep 2010 Convenient Killing: Armed Drones and the‘Playstation’ Mentality Fellowship of Reconciliation briefing on the use of armed drones
Jun 2008 Air Power – UAVs: The Wider Context RAF Study into the use of UAVs



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