Drone crash

A Century of Drone Crashes

This week  the USAF released an accident investigation report into the crash of a US Predator drone in Afghanistan in April 2012.  This crash brings the number of drone crashes in our updated database  to 100 (see full database here)… Read More ›

Crash!!! Its raining drones

In the same week that a UK industry insider told a drone conference in the US that the UK is preparing to take preliminary steps in plans that will eventually allow drones to fly in UK civil airspace, three drones on operation in Afghanistan… Read More ›

Drone Crash Database

Over the past couple of months I have regularly ended blog posts by reporting that yet another military drone had crashed.  While drones are portrayed by the defence industry and many in the media as the latest ‘invincible’ super-weapon that will make us safe… Read More ›

Crash of the Drones

Today’s LA Times has an interesting article about US Predator and Reaper drone crashes compiled from Pentagon accident reports.   The article reports that  “thirty-eight Predator and Reaper drones have crashed during combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and nine more during training… Read More ›