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  • My letter on armed drones

    The Guardian has published my letter in response to the Philip Alston report calling for similar scrutiny of the British use of armed drones. Philip Alston’s report to the UN human rights council (Report, 4 June) on CIA drone strikes in… Read More ›

  • CIA Officers Against Drones

    They’re not quite picketing Langley yet, but according to this interesting report, some CIA officers do recognize that drone strikes are doing more harm than good and are speaking out against them.

  • Channel Four News video on armed drones

    Following up Philip Alston’s report to the UN Human Rights Council, Channel Four have screened a long piece on US armed drones tonight. Sarah Smith, Channel Four’s US Correspondent visits Creech airbase and interviews drone pilots. The report is very focused on… Read More ›

  • UN Drone report coverage

    There has generally been good coverage of Philip Alston’s measured and detailed report on the use of the use of armed drones for targetted killings, see for example The Guardian coverage and The Washington Post.    Predictably though the report has come under… Read More ›

  • Philip Alston Report to UN Human Rights Council

    The much-anticipated report from Philip Alston, the UN’s special representative on extrajudicial execution on the use of armed drones for targeted killings is now available. Philip Alston’s report to the UN Human Rights Council will undoubtably cause much controversy over the coming days and… Read More ›