Month: June 2010

Protest at Parc Aberporth

Press Release from Welsh CND: Cymdeithas y Cymod (Wales Fellowship of Reconciliation) held a service and vigil at Parc Aberporth, Ceredigion where Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) and their spying and tracking equipment are being perfected for use by arms companies… Read More ›

Drone boats and bombs

The Daily Mail has reported that British military special forces have trialled the Silver Marlin, an Israeli-built drone boat.  The trials, watched by Special Boat Service and civil servants took place recently in the Middle East.    According to the report, the Silver Marlin,… Read More ›

FoR Drone Wars Day Conference

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FoR) are organising a one-day conference in central London on the growing use of  armed drones on Saturday 18th September.    I’m delighted to have been invited to speak and look forward to meeting lots of peace and human… Read More ›

Defending the Drones

The latest issue of Chatham House magazine The World Today,  has a defence of the use of armed drones entitled ‘Drone Attacks: The ‘Secret’ Matrix’ by Amitai Etzioni, Professor of International Relations at The George Washington University.   Etzionoi  graciously acknowledges that there is… Read More ›

Yemen and Drones

Interesting report from Frank Gardner on Radio 4 focusing on Al-Qaida in Yemen but also looking at the CIA’s use of Reaper drone flying from Djibouti.  Second report in a week looking at drones on the Today programme.

Drone goes rogue again

Less than a week after the US government deployed Predator drones over the US-Mexico border  the flights have been temporarily halted  after a Predator drone ‘went rogue’.   According to a US Customs statement to a local Texas paper the drone experienced a “communications loss“.   This… Read More ›

My letter on armed drones

The Guardian has published my letter in response to the Philip Alston report calling for similar scrutiny of the British use of armed drones. Philip Alston’s report to the UN human rights council (Report, 4 June) on CIA drone strikes in… Read More ›

CIA Officers Against Drones

They’re not quite picketing Langley yet, but according to this interesting report, some CIA officers do recognize that drone strikes are doing more harm than good and are speaking out against them.