Website Makeover

To celebrate our 200th post we have given the Drone Wars UK website a bit of a brush-up.   Most obviously we have changed the appearance of the site, but there have also been some less obvious changes.  Now all posts… Read More ›

Crash!!! Its raining drones

In the same week that a UK industry insider told a drone conference in the US that the UK is preparing to take preliminary steps in plans that will eventually allow drones to fly in UK civil airspace, three drones on operation in Afghanistan… Read More ›

Now We Are One: A Few Stats

1                 Drone Wars UK blog is one year old today 14               People visited looking for information about the Creech 14 64               UAV crashes reported in our Drone Crash Database 100             Posts:  This is number one hundred  146             Number of visitors… Read More ›

Drone boats and bombs

The Daily Mail has reported that British military special forces have trialled the Silver Marlin, an Israeli-built drone boat.  The trials, watched by Special Boat Service and civil servants took place recently in the Middle East.    According to the report, the Silver Marlin,… Read More ›

CIA Officers Against Drones

They’re not quite picketing Langley yet, but according to this interesting report, some CIA officers do recognize that drone strikes are doing more harm than good and are speaking out against them.


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